The Life Changing Art of.. staying in bed for 3 days.

On Monday, I broke a bone in my foot. And they said, 3 days, at least- in BED.

It already feels a ton better.

I anticipate that I can “get back to moving” soon.

In the meantime, I have had quite a week. Spent some time watching shows, I read a book, I answered emails, I had a few great phone calls and I caught up with my best friend.

This stopping did unleash a bit of “what am I doing with my life?” Because I have noticed that when I stop doing so much, I start questioning more.

I have been in the space of doing for so long, that now that I am savoring my energy for only projects I WANT to work on, and being more thoughtful about who I can serve and how, everything has changed. And old habits pop right back up.

Hello old friend. Hello negative self talk. I gently reminded her that I was healing and there was no time for her to come and play today.  She was not welcome. I was going to just lay low. And I DO Know what I am doing with my life, I’m DOING it.

But watching it all, while I had to surrender to my bed was fascinating. I really could not move around, help with the kids or take care of anything. I had to stop. And in some ways, it was nice and in some ways it was hard. But being present through it all and not running away with my emotions was important to me, in order to keep my mental health!

I invited a private client to the house today, and we had a great health coaching session and once I was able to do a little work, with another human being, I started to feel like myself again. Because the truth is, I feel ALIVE when I help others, when I am in conversations. When I learn and when I give.


And so the Magical Art of Laying in Bed is this…

All experiences are opportunities to learn more about yourself.

Laying in bed gives you a chance to connect with people you love and be loved.

The more I practice asking for help and receiving it ( a drive to an appointment, people bringing dinner or popping by to say hi)  the more I model for my children how to accept and ask for help. This is definitely something I want them to know and learn as they grow.

Today, I sat up in bed and took some deep breaths. I rolled around in my bed and did some gentle stretching and I know that just being and feeling is the kind of life I want to live.

Here is what I read and listened to over the past few days- ENJOY.

Talk on importance of connections and relationships to health, Taking Time In.

I read the book, The Miracle Morning. which I LOVE and will write a post about.

Remembering the work of Dr. Neff, which I love. 

I have a whole new list of podcasts I have been listening to..any good ones that you love?





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