Student Yoga Poem

oh my heart is exploding with love!

Last night, I had the honor to speak at American University at a session for the TRANSFORMATIONS course sponsored by the LEAP Program which is supported, created and inspired by the fabulous author, Iris Krasnow.  Iris is an engaging, thoughtful, loving supporter of WOMEN and our stories, our voices, our growth and our lives. I adore her spunk, character and authenticity.

I presented an “Intro to Yoga & Meditation”  and think we had a really wonderful conversation exploring these topics and HOW THESE TRADITIONS RELATE TO OUR MODERN, BUSY, WONDERFUL lives.

One of the students, Lynne Foltz,  wrote this poem about our time together.

I could not be more honored that she embraced and integrated the principles into a creative piece to express her self and what she learned.


Lessons from Pleasance on LEAP Day

Explore yoga

   in my own way

Choose an image

   to energize the spirit

Find a leader

   and share community


   and love myself

Touch my chest

   take a deep breath

Fill the diaphragm

   with fresh air

Exhale slowly

   stress will fly away


   and love myself

Shake one hand

   then one shoulder

A little

   then a lot

Anchor barefeet

   to the ground


and love myself

Hands down

   to center or

Palms up

   to surrender

Focus in,

   not out


   and love myself

Tame the

   monkey mind

Consider wisdom

   of Buddha

Send blessings

   to all beings


   and love myself


   the life force

Find enlightenment

   and renewal in nature

Let go

   of attachment

I am precious

   in this brief moment of time.

by Lynne Foltz


One comment on “Student Yoga Poem

  1. cathymuir says:

    That is so beautiful and touching.

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