Bye Bob.

I am sitting here in my car emotional about the goodbye.

For years this guy has been with me. Walked all over DC. Carried my babies. Held my groceries. Brought me home and traveled with us. 

Goodbye BOB! You served us so well. You gave me the FREEDOM I needed as a mama when I did not have childcare and was dying to move my body.

I am sitting here thinking of all the places we went together- the laughs- the tears- the beautiful new mama talks I had on the phone with countless friends while my babies slept.  And all the miles I put into Stroller Strides loving the women I met. 

first, with saylor. then, with milo. 

the times they screamed for no reason, and I sang to soothe them. the lonely hours I pondered life- wondering what this motherhood thing was about while I walked to Dupont and Georgetown or Palisades or Bethesda. just walking helped everyone feel better. 

One time, when Saylor was a baby- we were running to a class I was teaching- and we got a flat tire. I remember it was summer and so hot and I figured out a way to fix the tire long enough to get us to class to teach! I was so proud of myself for fixing that tire!! while she just cooed and eventually fell asleep.

and a few years later,  I had tiny tiny milo in the baby carrier and saylor in the stroller and I was so frustrated and bored and lonely at home with them that afternoon. I thought it would be great to go in the woods….on a wooded, branchy sort of trail. with no path. I cried. they cried. we got lost, I had to pee and hours later we made it home, somehow. it was ROUGH.

And now the day has come to say goodbye. You were so well loved- and this mamas heart feels the change that a new stage brings. 
when all the babies are not babies. when you dont need a jogging stroller for exercise, community, life support- when you grow out of   pushing babies and into doing homework and big kid stuff.

it was a blessed ride.

sweetness of it all- the duality of love-love-love and loss-loss-loss.

*fyi I know its crazy to write a blog post about a stroller. I also cant believe how incredibly emotional I am as I watch this mama push the stroller away from our home.


3 comments on “Bye Bob.

  1. I get this. TOTALLY. (as evidenced by my attic right now) Thanks for this. Love you

  2. cathymuir says:

    Such bittersweet memories. Just like life. But all in all, you three had a pretty damn nice ride. ( I always have to pee as soon as I step foot in the woods. Is it some sort of throw back to our natural state?)

    Goodbye to the carrier, of dreams, kiddos, and life. Goodbye sweet stroller. May the next family love you just as much. ❤

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