with yoga.

“In a mother’s bedroom, in the morning, where she practices her home yoga routine so that her body and mind open and relax enough to help her through a challenging day,” all because she had a teacher who taught her how to be her own teacher, so she could do her yoga, in order to do her job well, and help make the world a better place.”

This quote is from this article. love this idea- not more teachers- but MORE STUDENTS.

So many of the teachers I know are HUSTLING to try to pay bills and rent and live- that they DO NOT HAVE A PRACTICE, they have lost contact with their own teachers b/c trainings and workshops are too expensive.  I know many teachers who are no longer yoga students, this breaks my heart. I told someone this year- the thing I am MOST excited about in my whole life is the fact that I have connected in new ways and more regularly with a few teachers who are truly inspiring me these days. It has changed my teaching, my practice and me zest for life. I have felt the effects of great teachers in all areas of my life.

I start many classes and workshops saying  “my goal, my vision, my mission is to help YOU be confident and empowered to develop your own practice. ” Seems silly, right- that I make my “living” off people coming to classes when I owned a studio- and then now- signing up for privates or sessions- I tell them- I want YOU to be free of ME, when our time is done. But that really is my mission. That FREEDOM is such a gift. No longer having to think” I SHOULD get to a class. I SHOULD COMMIT to a teacher or a practice. anything along the SHOULD and GUILT and FEELING BAD thoughts”  they just have to stop. Our YOGA practices should support our lives. Should help us through the tough times and be there for us whenever we need some space, some guidance, some love. whether there is a class or studio available to us. I want to help you find this.

self care is self love.

Just read this too– more to think about. Happy Sunday!


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