happy anniversary, my love.

Sorry I have been so down on you.

I don’t think it was really you.

It was all the others, all the gossip, all the greed all the growth.

In it’s most simple form, I just love you.

I just see you. I feel you in my body, in my bones, in my breath.

YOU have given me everything that means ANYTHING to me.

I have spent so much time the past few years quite upset at how YOU had CHANGED when really, I was just stressed out and overwhelmed and overworked that my mind got clouded. That I thought it was YOU who had changed, not me.

I’m back, my love. I see you now. I’m sorry for the negativity and the shame, the blame and the anger. My darling, yoga, you are right here. and here. and here. and have been the whole time.

Now that I don’t have to see, smell, sell you every day.. ALL DAY- I can just enjoy you again. I can just return to our precious time together, our intimacy. I don’t want to share you with so many others. I just need some time together, alone You & I … to see where we are now- to enjoy each other AS WE ARE RIGHT NOW. I’m back, my love.

10 years ago, January 2006- I enrolled in Yoga Teacher training. It forever changed the direction of my life, my purpose and brought me HOME in my body, in my healing and in ways I had never experienced before. So this month, I honor practice- going from student to teacher to studio owner to teacher to student.. this is what keeps me IN IT. It’s never old or DONE or finished- I will never hit a point when I have learned it all. And it’s the practice that continues to light the way, hold my hand, see the truth.

I often wonder “How did this happen?! How did I get so lucky to receive the teachings? to have them bring LIFE to my life?” And then I take a deep breathe and feel how incredible this gift is. Not one day passes, where I take this for granted. I remember the suffering and pain I was in BEFORE this all soaked in, before this all happened. It’s my intention to create writing, workshops, retreats and ways for us all to continue the traditions, discuss how they are relevant in our lives and put this all to good use- for HUMANKIND. FOR “saving the world” which is all I have ever wanted to do- and I know that starts with me.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to this happiness and this freedom.




Baby Saylor & I. This was my photo shoot for lululemon Ambassador. Feels like a million years ago. I was 29 and dreaming of starting a prenatal/ mama/family yoga studio. 


Saylor & I in Dec at the National Kids Yoga Conference


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3 comments on “happy anniversary, my love.

  1. annaguestjelley says:

    Yes to keeping it simple and remembering the LOVE! Beautiful!

  2. cathymuir says:

    Full circle honey, welcome home. So proud. So much love.

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