when your heart calls

there is this incredibly powerful vibration in your soul when you listen to what you are being called to do. the whisper becomes a shout. can you hear it? 

“the soul’s song” Rod Stryker reminds me. 

And then time stops, the trajectory changes and just like that… a new path is born, a pivot has been made, the shift occurs. expansion. 
years it was brewing. now in motion. now with action. now it is today! my day to start- jump in! go for it! (isn’t every day a miracle, really? )  “be the place where love flows through because it’s good for others and it’s good for you.”

 -erich schiffmann

It is Monday, early morning. the streams of light come in the window- right on my hands. quiet everywhere. slight hum of the heat, birds saying morning prayers. a car or two- but mostly just this intensity of life’s gift that ONLY silence provides. a wave of gratitude for hearing the call.

coming to sit and to just notice everything- its all right here for me and for you.


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