In January.

The first day of the new year.

In a month, I will give back my keys to our yoga space. I’m ready. I have been grieving this loss for months now, and it’s time.

My new schedule starts Monday. In it will be..

private yoga students, studio consulting clients, writing time ( working on a book!?!), group classes, partnerships with other writers and teachers, overseeing all the different arms of LO, planning a training, leading workshops and cleaning out the studio. JANUARY WILL BE FULL.

I have 3 notebooks full of ideas, the hardest practice for me over the next few months will  be to SLOW DOWN, breathe and not take action on ALL the ideas RIGHT NOW. (writing this to remind myself, please keep reminding me!)

And yesterday, I woke up FEELING IT ALL. I wrote about it, I cried to my husband and a few friends who had reached out. I laid in bed, I drank some  tea and then wine and I shared the darkness I was in . And today, the sadness has lifted.

I woke up ready to plan, pay bills, organize and LIVE and it all just happened so naturally.  I KNOW this is the right move for my life and that at the end of the day, we just could not afford to stay in our space as our own studio. I know I can be quite woo-woo but I’m also a REALIST in many ways.

Here is what I know. For my whole life, I have learned from and been inspired by others books, teachings  and stories.  I have shared this knowledge with others as a way to understand my own existence. I have aligned my deepest values and desires with my day to day life so that each day is full of what I need and what I want.  I want to keep doing this work, sharing and learning and supporting others on the journey to also have WHOLENESS and AWARENESS in their own lives. to be awake! To live intentionally with purpose and meaning in ways that contribute to our families and then out to the world… I know this to be true. I have confronted my demons from the past to live a healthy life.  I have healed my  wounds  so I can be an open hearted human being, living in a way that encourages others to do the same. It just feels so much better to live with love, than with anger or resentment. I was a jealous, angry, confused, unhealthy person for a long time. It was not working for me. That cycle only brought on more pain. The work and practices I have done ( AND CONTINUE TO DO) changed the trajectory of my life.

I want to create magic and wonder for as long as I am alive- even though I know it will come in many ways ( it already has) and knowing that it will always be changing AS I CONTINUE TO evolve. I truly would not want it ANY OTHER WAY. So, while it might be messy, I know it’s for me.

So, this creative blog space will become a little playground for .. what I’m reading, what I’m listening to- what inspires me, what I’m thinking about, what’s in my heart. Still with the intention to write about living, loving and breathing- through the next chapter and beyond.

Right now I’m reading..

The Book of SHE by Sara Avant Stover

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck

& listening to a lot of podcasts.. if you need some suggestions email me and I’ll send some names over to you.

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR darlings. What’s your word of the year?

Friday night January 8, I’ll be hosting our annual Vision Board, 2016 Winter Love Fest workshop @ lil omm Hope you will join me!



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2 comments on “In January.

  1. Amy D. says:

    Pleasance, thank you for having me at your first lil omm studio when I was first pregnant. I learned so much from you and the other moms while taking prenatal classes there. We moved away from DC in our pursuit of slower, simpler and sweeter life close to family. Now I can follow you and your wise words here on the blog while I continue to grow. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me still. XO

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