2, 3, 4 Start Your Day

Yesterday, I threw myself into a bunch of content from Elizabeth Dialto – I listened to a few of her podcasts & read a few chapters from her book. I love this girl. I don’t really know / remember how we got connected on social media- but I finally was able to dig in a bit and listen to what she is saying. AND I LOVE IT.  A refreshing unique soul. Her experience and wisdom with female/ male energy, taking good care of ourselves inside and out- and so much more.  So today, I put something I learned yesterday right into action.


  • I got this 2,3,4 idea  from Elizabeth and thought I would start my day TODAY with this ritual but what I did instead, was wait until my kiddos woke up AND we actually did it together.
  • All I can say is that a 6:50am heart- exploding- with- love moment, is really, truly good for the soul.
  • Is there some way you can try this? adapt it to do just for yourself or invite your loved ones to join you?

I’m already thinking about what song to play tomorrow.

Here is what to do..

  1. Breathe together for 2 minutes.  I set my timer on the phone and had a fun ring go off when time was up. We sat together with both kiddos on my lap for a minute of deep breathing, and then turned around and did some breathing together back to back.
  2. Move together for 3 minutes. I put on Mc Yogi’s Dancing in the Sun. There was some jumping and free flow and yoga and Milos breakdancing, some shaking, some hugging and dancing together.
  3. Write together for 4 minutes. I wrote about what I want today to look like, what I am grateful for, what I am dreaming about. Saylor did a gratitude list and Milo drew his current favorite animal. For this length of time, we just stayed quiet and did our own thing- pen to paper. Then we shared.

9 Minutes. That’s all. We were done at 7:01 and went to the kitchen to make breakfast and lunches. Connected. Peaceful. Seen. Heard. Loved.

HUGE Thank you to Elizabeth for sharing this super simple morning technique. She said she does this every morning alone- and I just played around with a bit to include my kiddos. MAGIC.


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