with friends.

thank you pema & maezen.

liz, brene & sara…..

you gave me hope & clarity & encouraged me to be brave, tell truth and carry on. 

oh and that my life does not need to be BIGGER in order to have value, I dont have anything to prove to anyone and that letting go can feel so, so good.

I am enough! Whole! As is!

My identity and worth in this world does not revolve around a 1300 sq. foot basement that costs thousands of dollars AND hours a month to maintain. A new lease that doubles our rent & responsibility with another short term lease! NO WAY! 

The truth here, really ( thanks Erich) is that IT IS TOO MUCH. The increases, the meetings, the demands, the sales, the sacrifices.

I am all for hard work. I have always worked many, many jobs and been really good at “keeping busy.” But sometimes we need to work smarter, not harder and step back and LISTEN…

Ahhhh… freedom of the heart. soul filling- relaxing-beautiful TRUTH. 

If you are in transition or needing some clarity in your life- here are the friends I called on…. early morning, late at night, under the covers in the middle of the day… they held me up and said KEEP GOING. YOU GOT THIS. 

thanks friends. 



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