Here, I do no harm.

My meditation teacher says she practices so that she does not hurt other people. When she sits, she does no harm.

Just a few days ago, I got to visit Hazy Moon. The home base for our lineage and practice.

We pulled up & the house was inviting, warm and spacious.

The door opened & Karen Maezen Miller came out, huge smile, warm hug.

I looked around at all the beautiful plants, secret buddhas hiding behind them and the HAZY MOON sign.





 We went up the stairs into the living room and I was pleasantly surprised with the sunlight, cozy couches &  peaceful energy.

Zen practice is not cozy. It’s not warm and fuzzy. It can be rather quiet, rather empty.  Sometimes, cold & lonely.

The instructions are simple and there is no sugar coating. We JUST SIT. Mostly looking at a wall.

But Hazy Moon was so comfortable, warm. And so were the people I met.

Eventually we went to the Zendo, we gathered, we sat.

Nothing fancy.

But here, we did no harm.

And later we listened to a powerful dharma talk about the state of our world, the state of our mind, & taking action to heal with world.

But, it starts with a sit.

One comment on “Here, I do no harm.

  1. cathy muir says:

    So curious about Hazy Moon. Sounds simple, and devoid of so much that is in our faces all the time. Beautiful Maezen.

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