to read. to listen. to savor. to enJOY.

This week- a lot of great things have passed through my eyes and ears. It’s rainy and cold out in DC. Hope this all warms you….(links below)

“We often say that we don’t have time for the things we truly love and value, when the truth is that we’re likely misspending time on things that we don’t. It helps to start tracking where our time is actually going, and reclaiming chunks for we’d really like to be doing.”





Trust, my darling.

A beautiful, thoughtful interview, about Composing Our Lives…..Being women, mothers, wives and having it all.

3 of my favorite people have new books ( audio or print)

Pema Chodron- Fail, Fail Again

Brene Brown- Rising Strong

Elizabeth Gilbert- Big Magic.

If all you do is read these 3, your world will expand. You will learn something about yourself and your relationship to the world. These will enhance your life, no doubt. FOR SURE. RIGHT NOW.

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