Here, I do no harm.

My meditation teacher says she practices so that she does not hurt other people. When she sits, she does no harm.

Just a few days ago, I got to visit Hazy Moon. The home base for our lineage and practice.

We pulled up & the house was inviting, warm and spacious.

The door opened & Karen Maezen Miller came out, huge smile, warm hug.

I looked around at all the beautiful plants, secret buddhas hiding behind them and the HAZY MOON sign.





 We went up the stairs into the living room and I was pleasantly surprised with the sunlight, cozy couches &  peaceful energy.

Zen practice is not cozy. It’s not warm and fuzzy. It can be rather quiet, rather empty.  Sometimes, cold & lonely.

The instructions are simple and there is no sugar coating. We JUST SIT. Mostly looking at a wall.

But Hazy Moon was so comfortable, warm. And so were the people I met.

Eventually we went to the Zendo, we gathered, we sat.

Nothing fancy.

But here, we did no harm.

And later we listened to a powerful dharma talk about the state of our world, the state of our mind, & taking action to heal with world.

But, it starts with a sit.

Start Here.

Here is a list of the most common podcasts, books and articles that I refer out to women who are looking for inspiration,

ideas on illuminating our inner and outer lives. This is the “best of” .. enjoy. IT was lovely to put together for you.

I hope all of this helps you, as much as it has me. * more to come, I could not fit EVERYTHING.. part 2 coming soon**

Podcasts ( Itunes store OR in the link)

To watch

Websites to explore

Tara Sophia Mohr

Brene ( explore here where I will be adding a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques!)

to read. to listen. to savor. to enJOY.

This week- a lot of great things have passed through my eyes and ears. It’s rainy and cold out in DC. Hope this all warms you….(links below)

“We often say that we don’t have time for the things we truly love and value, when the truth is that we’re likely misspending time on things that we don’t. It helps to start tracking where our time is actually going, and reclaiming chunks for we’d really like to be doing.”





Trust, my darling.

A beautiful, thoughtful interview, about Composing Our Lives…..Being women, mothers, wives and having it all.

3 of my favorite people have new books ( audio or print)

Pema Chodron- Fail, Fail Again

Brene Brown- Rising Strong

Elizabeth Gilbert- Big Magic.

If all you do is read these 3, your world will expand. You will learn something about yourself and your relationship to the world. These will enhance your life, no doubt. FOR SURE. RIGHT NOW.

A Sincere (spelling and grammar) Apology….

to all my friends who are literary aficionados – I apologize.

sometimes the stories come so fast, that i don’t have time to proofread the spelling, grammar before I press PUBLISH.

but for those of you who need it to be all right. all the time, this is not the place to read (obviously)

and for those of you who know me, you know I’m a fast talker, typer, reader, writer, thinker, eater, always on a mission to slow down.

FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER.. I have been told to slow down.

Teachers in school would say, ” She does an okay job with writing, but she never proofreads her stuff! She misses all the errors! If she would just slow down….”

i mess up- regularly!

On many occasions my beautiful friends and  family send me notes about my spelling & grammar.

i definitely need some help and appreciate when they tell me!!!

But i also know my strengths do not lie in the details, the proofreading or the slow steady perfect writing.

it’s all in the passion, the memory, the heart.. and that’s WAY more important to me.

Here’s the truth about my writing….

i often get up early, 5ish, sit down and just go. i ponder for weeks or days before about the topic , sometimes I’m just out in the world and I grab my phone and can write fast and furious and honestly right there… something I have learned, listened to, a recipe that was fun or easy, a beautiful moment, a memory, or an experience that was ordinary or profound. – if i don’t have anything to say, I dont write. I have a lot of drafts waiting for some work. Or not.

But when the moment comes – it’s like a wave.. many, many writers talk about this – the out of body experience, the flow….. the wondering, “where did this come from? Why does it feel like it has to come out?”

I have been writing my whole life. I have a closet of journals, that I just started opening.

Right now, I have no MUST DO  just WANT TO.

I journal daily, I blog occasionally. When I press publish, I go live. I try to let it breathe, not consume me with fears or regrets.

I wanted to say this in a safe space, where I know it’s okay to just be. to allow myself mistakes, to ask for some grace.

** Oh, and I’m in the market for a super secret editor/ cleaner upper type who wants to go in and fix all my mistakes.