the time is now.

I learned of a tragic death of a well known thought leader/ inspirational writer and much loved person, this week.

Here is the last post he wrote before he died.

And his famous Ted Talk.

“How to Find And Do Work You Love”

The time is now. There is no other day, my friends. It’s all really to short.

I got up early to make a list for today, to plan, to do and I’m just sitting here realizing, it’s okay. It’s okay to stop today and

NOT produce- not DO, not FINISH, not always PUSH so hard.. I had this awakening last night that while I coach others and

work with students in their addictions to work and the TOO MUCHNESS of our modern lives, I also have the SAME addiction.

it’s just that mine is in the realm of health and wellness.

Being ADDICTED to  yoga, meditation, teaching and the studio ( feedback, schedules, meetings, creating new ideas)  is not healthy, EITHER.

So, I’m going to contemplate on this today. While I TRY my best to take a bit of a break, go easy on myself and enjoy everything that appears in my path, today.  I am painfully aware of this SHORT, SHORT time we get together. and I’m just trying to figure out how to make it work for me to support my family WHILE enjoying each day that appears.. more soon.




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2 comments on “the time is now.

  1. Barbara Guterman says:

    Good Morning Pleasance, I already love your blog and your energy. It’s so funny, I just posted my three words of the day this morning prior to reading your post and we are totally aligned in our thoughts this morning. My three words of the day are BE HUGGABLE TODAY. I was reminded by my husband this morning to get back into bed and allow him the opportunity to slow me down just for a few moments to take the time to hug and connect. It was a wonderful start to my day. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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