Here I am…

The ways in which I heal.


 Thank you, loves for reaching out and giving support after my post about being sick!

The great news is I a feeling better! And able to live in my life with more energy and health.

HERE IS WHAT I did to recover. I hope this helps YOU at a low point- or share with something who could use it.

  1. GET HELP. I reached out to my acupuncturist, chiropractor, natural doc &  a nurse practitioner. They all have different perspectives on health and knowledge and were able to give me support. Oh and my therapist who I see once every few months. Not only did I need to focus on my physical health but also mental.

2. LISTEN. I practice something called conscious listening ( thanks Erich Schiffmann)  lay down on your back, knees bent and  elbows bent, palms up. RELAX. LISTEN. CHill. Here is what I heard. Healing takes time and there was much more stress in my life than I had thought on the surface. When I stopped to listen, I heard a gentle reminder to rest. I was able to see a but more deeply what was really going on beneath the surface of my external coughing and illness.

3. LEARN.  I learned a lot about my self that I was ready to face. I’m super sensitive and in some ways this helps my life and in some ways, it hurts. I think I have been STRONG for almost every tough situation that I have faced and now I’m realizing that I’m also soft. That my strength and my softness are integrated physically in my body type, energetically in my being a gemini, and mentally as in.. I am not one or the other but I am BOTH strong and soft. I am going to learn more about strategies for people like me, who internalize others emotions and fears. My intuitive nature is a gift, I know this. And I need to learn how to keep it in a healthy range.. more to come on this, for sure.

4. PLAY. Once I was feeling better I did not JUMP right back into crazy schedule or working late or stressing out. I went out walking/ jogging to dance music, I headed back to my favorite Zengo classes, I read blogs & listened to podcasts that inspire me & got back to my creative projects in my art space… I have a lot of work to do- and plenty of time to do it. I do a little each day- with top priorities in my mind, and I’m trusting that my health and well being is just as important right now. Especially these last few days with the kiddos before school starts.

5. BE CURIOUS. So now that I’m back to health- I’m curious about what happened the past few months- and here is what I found .. I changed some things in my diet in March that I don’t think were right for my body. When I met with my natural doc, we wont over all this- and I now have added some new supplements and am working with her to see/ make sure that I’m getting what I need to have a strong immune system. My husband is working a lot more than he has in the past.  I’m trying to make our sweet rental house, a home as well as take care of our family full time and run the studio.. and it’s a lot of work.  We have been communicating the best way to navigate this all as things change….. we are in the process of shifting our own flow.  The old way wont work this year- so creating new family habits for this school year feels good that fit more authentically into our life now.. ( new school for milo, no nanny, mel working a lot, etc)

6. BE ALONE. AS much as you can, whenever you can.. get some alone time. This past month, I have spent a lot of time alone. I went on a meditation retreat, went for walks alone, laid in the grass on these gorgeous days when kids were in camp, stayed overnight at my house a number of times while Mel took the kids to the beach or my mother in law came for a visit, I drove to a girls weekend, alone.  Being alone nourishes me in ways I can’t describe.. it serves me in ways where I just feel totally spacious- free- and where I learn more about this journey. THIS being ALONE IS NEW FOR ME. I was ALWAYS inviting people to tag along ,organizing a party, lunch date or group outing of some sort. I have always been social and wanting people around me- so to tap into my sense of inner quiet by just being alone- feels new and interesting and intentional. Right now, this is what I need, and it’s been really helpful to my soul. I think as I ease into a busier season, my cup will be full- and I will be able to handle with ease and comfort the demands of my life- partly b/c I spent this past month exploring quiet , choosing alone time over group time and listening to my own deepest desires.

7. BE HONEST.  Telling people how I really feel and what’s going on with me in an honest way has been refreshing. I don’t always have to answer, ” wonderful!” fabulous!” I can answer from my truth- which is ” I’m okay”.  Telling your truth about your life does not have to be dramatic or off putting or bring people down- it can just be real. ” I’m going through some changes and have not been feeling well, so it’s been tough. But I’m getting a lot of help and support and things are looking up.” Seems to be truth for me!  And I ALWAYS ZOOM OUT- when I’m feeling down, and that helps put everything in perspective. I have met some amazing people at the studio this summer and was able to spend some time with them – doing mini coaching sessions and working with them as they move through their own transitions- that work is so beautiful and has more meaning to me- b/c I can honestly relate to the fears that we all have as part of the human experience… honesty is community, is trust, is support, is a real gift.

Oh and if you have not seen this.. I hope it inspires YOU to be BRAVE, and REAL and put yourself out in the world….DO YOUR THING!


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2 comments on “Here I am…

  1. Mom says:

    I am so glad you are back to health, and that you did whatever was required to get you there. With all the love and support that you have, I was never in doubt that you would. I’m just so glad you are. All the things you mention are essential, but no one ever remembers them all, when in crisis. This is a great reference for when we are in the middle of the muck, so to speak, and our health is suffering as the consequence. I love you so much, and am glad you were able to pull all your resources together.

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