being here

when I was a little girl, I could walk to this beach from my grandparents house. I was lonely. It was usually empty. I would wander around the dunes dreaming of my future and wishing I had siblings. My family let me be free when we went to Nantucket- I spent a lot of time alone.  I would bike here or walk and make up stories, talk to myself… 

Today, when most of my family left the island… I headed right to my spot. I told the kids you dont have to get out of the car, its up to you. ” mom, its cold! its windy!” Its always windy here, you guys…. and then THIS.

They ran and played – we climbed and sang and jumped and got very,very dirty. 

Returning to my sacred places from childhood with these 2 is quite surreal. 

Now we have a few days that will be much quieter. which I know will bring more

magic, how could it not?  


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