To be your mama….


so… it would not be my day without them. I mean, WHOA.

This is hard. Its the bestest & hardest.

Like so many mamas- I have no greater love. 

I never knew it would be like this. So lovely, so wonderful, so damn challenging. They are these insanse gifts from god, All of our children are.

Little buddhas, awake, intense, loving and brave. There are never enough kisses. It’s all passing..  its all changing, in time. 

Moments when I am my best & my worst. Nonetheless, I wake up and crave your hugs- your smiles-your tiny body curled into mine. 

Thank you Saylor&Milo for all you give me, show me, teach me- all that YOU are… YOU CAME out of my flesh- you birthed me a mama. You are LOVE.  


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