come out to play

you weren’t invited with such a bold invitation.

today Is not the day you all want to come out and play.

too cold. too wet. too empty. too barren.

perfect. I will come and sit with you. I will lay down with your glory and hold you as you are. 

you dont frighten me. you intrigue. 

i love you bare& naked. 

you heal my heart. you make it real.

i love you whole and sad. 

i am distracted by your presence. 

Its not a day others have come to play in your glory or spot your sparkle- but I see it.  its always there- your rawness yours willingness to accept me just as I am.  when will I do the same? 



3 comments on “come out to play

  1. Tokoni O. Uti says:

    Fun poem, cool images 🙂

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