at grandmas house

everywhere you turn there is beauty & history. its like being in a museum. my recent trip home has inspired me to capture some of these images and stories. A new project for me, I will be working with my grandmother to document memories about her 86 years of life, and her 95 year old house that has been filled with my family the whole time.


2 comments on “at grandmas house

  1. cathy says:

    I love every inch of that house. I can still smell Melvin’s cigar smoke, if I try. Makes me very home sick, but in a good sort of way. So glad you are documenting her house and her journey. I miss her terribly too.

  2. jhhl says:

    That Flower painting by Willy Wondriska was based on the logo he made for E.T.’s run for state legislature in 1972. And that blue piggy bank is mine – it’s probably full of old quarters!

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