Spring Retreat

At lil omm, we do a seasonal mini retreat where we celebrate mother nature, our own lives and we explore seasonal foods, journaling, movement and poetry.

We just finished our Spring Retreat last week and wanted to share out- so some of you might be able to create your OWN Spring Retreats- Carve out a few hours.. sit in meditation, fix up some healthy spring foods, practice flow and yin yoga, and CELEBRATE the season with cleaning, decluttering our lives… inside and out.





     The Recipes


Take your old way too ripe bananas and freeze them.
Blend ( food processor OR high intensity blender)
With Your choice of milks
cow, coconut, almond, blends, hemp, oat ( YUM),
* what to add?
vanilla, cocoa powder, strawberries, almond/ coffee/ extract
You need quite a bit of liquid to make it a shake OR you can add less milk and make it “ice cream”

Kale Salad and Toppings

chop up kale into tiny pieces
squeeze 1 lemon, olive oil, salt, tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
Toppings I brought
* Nutritional Yeast, Braggs Amino, Sunflower Seeds, Red Pepper Flakes

Green Juice
kale, apple, lemon, ginger- YUM! ( sparingly at night!) 



The Music

Zer0 7
Caravan Palace
Garth Stevenson
108 Sacred Names of the Divine ( savasana)

The Poem We Created.

This Spring.

This spring, I will move in a way that feels good.

This spring, I will finish my play.

This spring, I will GROW.

This Spring, I will create.

This Spring, I will SPRING.

This Spring, I will LOVE more.

This Spring, I will reignite my spark and keep it alive.

This Spring, I will run Cherry Blossom, breathe in the new air so deeply & write.

This Spring, I will write love letters and sit alone.

This Spring, I will stretch and explore.

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