The days are long, but the year(s) are short…

Hi lil omm life friends and followers! I’m Sarah, a LO admin team member and a wife/mama/yogini. I was honored when Pleasance asked a few of us to guest post on lil omm life. Here goes nothing…

I used to consider “reminisce” a verb for older people. Something I could do when I had more experiences under my belt. As my son approaches his 1st birthday, I’m finally feeling ready for that verb.

I’ve begun to think more and more about the last 10.5 months, particularly those first few weeks of new parenthood. The weeks after my parents left, the Facebook messages stopped, and the emails and phone calls became less frequent. With my husband’s busy work schedule, it often felt like it was Hardy and me against the world. I wasn’t cleared to work out yet, but the late spring sunshine beckoned me to put the little one in his car seat stroller and start walking. It was on one of those walks that I discovered the Longest Shortest Time.

The Longest Shortest Time is a podcast started by a radio producer/new mom looking for an outlet to express her feelings about new parenthood. From her own birth story (and her process of finding peace within it) to stories of moms whose babies hated lullabies to breastfeeding and sleep sagas, I listened as I walked and looked with wonder at this little person my husband and I made. For the first time, I like I wasn’t alone. That maybe there were other moms walking with their babies in same boat.

Just a couple of weeks later, Hardy took his first Itsy Bitsy Yoga class at lil omm. Pleasance shared a great saying with us: “The days are long, but the years are short.” That saying immediately reminded me of the podcast and more importantly, how quickly those first few weeks really went.

So, if you’re days are feeling long, take a listen or reach out to one of us. We’re in this together.


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