more treats!

this is my self care snack.

when I am feeling down or wanting something to nourish me, I make this…

any plain yogurt. I like greek or whole milk farm yogurt.. I try to get as local as possible.. mix with blueberries ( any fruit) and some maple syrup or local raw honey….. YUM!


milos milkshakes

one of our favorite go to snacks…

frozen bananas

( put in food processor or we use a blendtech blender)

tiny bit of vanilla extract

big splash of almond/ coconut milk

(or your favorite milk) 

*want to make it chocolate? add cocoa powder

*other variations.. almond extract/ coffee/ or fresh strawberries


You are just love.

“May you be tired and afraid
overwhelmed and ready to quit.
Start over, over
ten thousand times over
roll out, get up, fall down
break into tears
open in laughter
sing and dance
be silly, be glad.
May you forget most things,
remember everything,
come to know in your bones
with your blood
through your eyes
from your lips
out of earth
deep below, well beyond
you are love.
You are just love.
Karen Maezen Miller, Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood

yumyum snack

you wont regret this.

everyday totally addictive kale chips
(i swear!)

mix together
“some” ( even parts, amount will vary depending on how much kale you have)
lemon juice
nutritional yeast
olive oil

in a big bowl until smooth.

massage in big pieces of kale.
( all types work well)

bake/ roast at 400ish for 15minutes or so … depending on your oven.

every time they come out a lil better than the last!

yumyum for all!

*dont cover with plastic wrap to save or for travel- it totally wilts these chips and they loose the CRUNCH!




the yoga love

the yoga world is changing, shifting, expanding. I go to classes away from my studio that are totally packed with 20somethings moving pose to pose. Most of these classes are fitness classes in yoga studios. But as I have been contemplating for the past few years, I’m so lost in the yoga world right now. I have been through every emotion on the topic. I spent some time being a Bikram Yoga hater, some time not understanding the incredibly powerful benefits of meditation, restorative and yin, and then most recently I have been putting down over stressed, over crowded, super “dangerous” classes.

AS I approach my 10 year anniversary as a teacher.. I was recently contemplating on all these changes, on all the articles on Elephant Journal, J. Brown Yoga, Mind Body Green, Mathew Remski, Huff Post

it’s all getting so crazy! I feel like the “yoga” world is everywhere- it’s in my sleep, it’s on my mind 24-7. I run a studio, I teach, I mentor, but mostly I am a student. My teaching has become less involved and more creative, less technical and more experiential. I’m often wondering “is this helpful?”
Yoga is such an incredibly personal experience and I’m learning every day that I NEED meaning to THRIVE in my life. I need meaningful conversations, work, classes, teachers. I need QUESTIONS! I need clarity.
So, in the chaotic day to day ….life in a city with 2 small kiddos and a crazy Staffy, keep the studio thriving, keeping informed and updated on the latest “yoga” news and issues, supporting our 20 or so teachers & staff, and trying to have a healthy marriage- it’s no wonder my yoga has slowed way down. In order to keep up with the variety of roles that I have, my yoga had to shift and I’m realizing that I can be open to it all.

Listen, I am not a yoga master or a guru. I’m a mom and a friend and a human being who craves connection. I want to run my studio to support others on the journey. I want to live a meaningful life and share the tiny bits of joy, words, videos, books, reading and people who help me every day on this path. When we lay down at night, my daughter and I say ” may I be happy, may I be healthy, may I be safe, may I live with ease.” that’s it folks, that’s really all I want in this world. I want to be totally alive in my life. I want to be awake to what is right in front of me.

I have decided to pay attention to and notice when I wonder off into yoga hating land or when I’m becoming a cranky old yoga teacher. I want people to experience the JOY and the HEALING that it can bring- NO MATTER WHERE THEY GET IT. I want people to ASK their teachers questions about the practice. I know this ancient system for living is ALIVE right here- and I want to bring to light the ways it continues to serve and support us. ALL of us. There are so many paths, so many ways to yoga, so many methods, variations and styles, and it’s okay.

It’s a privilege to know these postures and these teachings. To spend time reflecting on our inner world, to put service and love above all else. To pay attention to our lives. This is just the beginning of my starting to open up about the current state of yoga…. I want to hear where you are.. and how this is all unfolding for you. more to come, for sure.



About a year ago, my dear teacher and friend Erin Maile O’Keefe from Circus Yoga – brought some roll on glitter to our level 1 training.. She encouraged us to put it on and PLAY.

Ihave been spending the past few years learning more about my interests, reflection on JOY and magic in my day to day life.. So, adding a little glitter on Friday night seemed to just fit right in! Shortly after the training, my own bottle of roll on glitter arrived.  I started keeping it in my purse and in my car and putting on before I went out… then what happened? I started wearing it more regularly.. and instead of just for a special class or a kids class or an event.. I started putting it on in the morning- before drop off- before adult classes.. before grocery shopping.

Here’s what I noticed.. I got lots of questions and smiles when people saw glitter at 8am! I also started sharing it with others and buying in bulk so I could spread the magic.. Wearing glitter makes me happy. It’s a VERY small and insignificant way that I bring joy to my life! I recently had a tough day and when I was cleaning up after- I very slowly and mindfully applied my new soft, smooth glitter. It made me smile, it gave me a little light- that I so needed.

Glitter will not take away pain or suffering or make your life easier but it WILL shed a bit of light, a bit of magic into your day to day.


STAY TUNED for lilomm glitter line.. coming soon in 2015.

Erin ( founder of Circus Yoga, Mentor and all around AWESOME BEING) & I at the FIRST NATIONAL KIDS YOGA CONFERENCE, in Washington, DC FALL 2014.