the heart of my bness

2015 marks 5 years of our beautiful, intentional studio being open.

5.years. whoa.

it’s so incredible to me that we have grown year over year, month over month.

that me- ME, someone who KNEW NOTHING about bness or money or budgets or studio life opened a studio that is


well, sort of.

I work really hard at learning.

I say yes to opportunities that scare the crap out of me, especially if they are in relation to something I don’t know anything about. Then, I’m not so afraid. 5 years ago, I had an unhealthy relationship with anything financial.

Today, I can say from my heart, that I deeply appreciate and value my relationship with money. And I love numbers!

I LOVED, LOVED Kate Northrop’s book, Money, A Love Story and want to give it to every female I know. it’s so right on- it was life changing for me. I also hired an advisor to help me create budgets and tracking sheets and understand how my bness worked. (Mindful Profits & Amanda Weathersby have been incredible)

I’m spending time over the next few months, looking back on the past 5 years. Just reflecting, remembering and holding in my heart what an amazing ride this has been. all the joy & the struggle. it’s not always easy.. that’s for sure. and I can’t believe how much I have learned.

So this morning, I took out all the books that have been my friends along the way- the books that have grown me up in the bness world. the books that touched my heart AND taught me something I needed to know, gave me a gift of some sort. I see these books like my mentors, my guides, my support. my own B- school.

If you are not someone who reads a lot or are not into buying lots of books- I get it.

Honestly, it would be great to just read the authors blogs, subscribe to the newsletters they put out or follow them on Facebook. For many of these authors, it’s enough to get just a tiny bit of the genius they put out in the world.

And now I share them with you.


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