glitter love

“find out who you are, and do it on purpose.”

it is this. totally and completely just going there. regularly. checking in.
digging deep. find out who you are.

a few years ago I would have never shared a picture of myself like this.

that girl who whispers…
“they will think your vain”
“don’t get so into yourself, they will judge you”
“they wont like you.”

this year, I am learning to quiet her.

AND to embrace my pure joy that feeds me and has been a long time coming. I am happy. I look happy. I found out who I am, and I live on purpose. I want to share what I have done and continue to do with others. that brings me joy.

I have boxes of photos & journals that I want to share with you to prove it wasn’t always this way. evidence that I was so unhealthy and unhappy … but I don’t have to.

I can actually be happy without feeling bad about it. without having to share about the painful past as a way to prove that I deserve this.

whoa. that could be the release I have been waiting for.

what if I don’t have to tell it all, or bring it with me.

I could just shine. I could live on purpose because Its my dharma. I have spent my whole life to be here.


2 comments on “glitter love

  1. Anna says:

    Every part of this is so beautiful. Your shine inspires!

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