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Winter leads to Connection. Quiet. Stillness.
My winter teaching schedule can help YOU.
Private yoga and well-being sessions are a unique way to have your practice supported in your own home or office.
For this hour, Pleasance will work with you individually on your health, well-being, and spiritual practices.  This might include yoga, meditation, self care, nutrition, aromatherapy, setting up a sacred space, or deep relaxation.  She will create a unique experience based on your needs as they are today and help you to release stress and tension while addressing any health concerns that you might have.
These private sessions are intended for students of all levels and ideal for postpartum families and students who need a gentle practice or have injuries and are not able to attend regular studio classes.
These sessions are based on her work as a yoga teacher and holistic health coach.
* If you are not comfortable with doing these sessions in your home, we can arrange for a studio time.
$125 for 1 session
$300 for 3 sessions
$465 for 5 sessionsLIMITED slots available in 2015.
Questions? please email

Hatha Yoga 

Tuesday mornings
Join me.
In this 8-week series, we will cultivate practices based in traditional Hatha Yoga teachings that include breathing, mindful yoga and meditation. We will spend each week practicing & learning more about how this ancient system of well-being can be integrated into our daily lives and be useful for us, NOW.
Hatha Yoga is the total integration of yin/yang, sun/moon, male/ female, and through awareness we can
establish our yoga practice to heal us, support us and bring us peace from the inside out.  Developing a yoga practice helps us become stronger and more flexible on and off the yoga mat and can spread to all the relationships in our lives.
This class is for new-to-yoga students, students wishing to return to yoga after an injury or pregnancy, regular practitioners or teachers who want to explore a more quiet and reflective practice or ANYONE interested in cultivating awareness in a supportive setting.This series will be in a small group setting, and space is limited to no more than 6 (no drop-ins).

* need childcare? email

Cost: $150

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