My friend Anna asked me to be on her podcast… ” sure” I told her with a bit of hesitancy. I love her podcast interviews and want to support her. I was honored she asked, and a bit fearful as well.

From that moment , I knew some “stuff” would come out.
I tell my truth.
I don’t hide my past.

But, most days- it doesn’t come up.

Most days, I dwell in the present moment. Thats what ordinary, domestic life can do to you.

Reliving my past, the darker days, the shadow side is actually something I don’t practice much at all anymore.

And when the truth began to reveal itself today- as it aways will… it was okay to be honest……yoga DID save my life. lift me up- give me inner strength, clarity & connection, healed
my depression…..

today I learned that its okay to hold space for accomplishment.

okay to be proud of myself for overcoming my past.

okay to pause and remember what lessons have been learned, how far I have come.

someone told me recently, “we all have stories that would break your heart” and I believe this is true. I try not to hold onto my story or my past as an excuse or a barrier. I am free.

AND, there are moments to reflect, to recap, to speak painful truths.

our lives are both- pain & joy- past & present- love & loss. they are whole.

we are whole.

as my dear friend, Anna reminds me daily- I AM ENOUGH.


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5 comments on “openings

  1. Anna says:

    You are such a beautiful example of living your yoga. I feel so honored to know you and have you as such a dear friend in my life! xoxo

  2. seales1010 says:

    Beautifully written and well said.

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