For a few years, I have had “create a course” on my to do list.

I KNEW I wanted to plan a longer, deeper class over time where students could share in a supportive setting how our practice shows up off the mat. I kept dreaming of a gathering where we BRING IT ALL TOGETHER. How yoga & meditation & intentional life visioning, and self exploration integrate into our lives and what happens when we commit to our own well being. Over the past 10 years, I have done this work. I have set up rituals and habits, I have asked questions, studied, practiced and meditated- all to help facilitate a healing and a transformation in my own life.

It worked. I believe with my whole heart, that I have changed my own life. I broke mental patterns that were not serving me. I added love and connection to my life and SLOWLY fear and anger faded. I want to share what I did and what I do, with you. photo


THRIVE: Yoga as Life

In this series of 3 Sunday nights we will stretch, breathe, read, connect, meditate and discuss the concepts and philosophies of yoga as a lifestyle.
We will engage in goal setting, awareness, play and community as a way to take our practice deeper on and off and the mat.
Home yoga practice will be encouraged along with inspirational readings and self awareness exercises as well as support and mentoring all summer.
This group will be limited to a small group in order to facilitate intimacy, depth and transformation.
Men and women of all ages are welcome.

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