as it is

I started a project on the blog 2 days before I moved. It has been too much to keep up with what I thought I could do and instead of stressing out or staying up late, it is just on pause.
I have a huge list of beautiful woman who I will write about. might be more like all summer than 1 month.. but I will get there.

in our new house, there is less. less technology, less space on the inside &
more on the outside. it has shifted my life and my flow, in a good way.

instead of computer or work time- I have been creating my spaces. what I have found is that I have a hard being grounded without my sacred alters.

so I took time the past 2 weeks to sort & arrange my favorite things. creating areas in my new home, dedicated to THIS time in my life. what feels impt to
me now, what I want to manifest & surrounding myself with the beautiful.

I will be back with more writing on my fav women but right now- we are headed to the beach for a 4 day family vacation and I plan to disconnect as much as I can…





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