2014 magic

it has been, magic.
my word for the year.

too many beautiful snowy days & sun shining mornings.

trips to Yogaville & Grailville.

sitting. sitting. stretching. crying. feeling. letting go. moving on. being still.

wow. I see the magic in this day, after day, after day.
I can hear the drip of the rain outside our windows of this new -to -us home.

the magic happened when we sold our house of 9.5 years & moved into a new space, a new life, a new view. rain sounds different here. its hitting a pipe of some kind that is like a bell, a chime. reminding me to come home. to awaken to this beauty.

magic is no less than what has happened.

a dream turning into reality on a much larger scale than I ever imagined.

reflection takes me to gratitude.
new teachers for our yoga home who practice & study & learn with our growing community.

new relationships with mentors and opportunities to play with my new found love & passion for Circus Yoga.

only 8 days ago, it wasn’t this easy. drowning in boxes, feeling tight & sad & over my head. but space and nature and practice and connection brought me back.
this isn’t always easy, but it sure is beautiful.

it is magic.


One comment on “2014 magic

  1. cathy muir says:

    I love that the rain rings a familiar bell for you, the one to go home. (inside). lovely

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