mindful moving

I keep joking that I am going to write a book after this experience called “Mindful Moving”


I am in the midst of boxes, papers, stacks, piles and clutter. very unsettled. and I’m actually loving it.

I am watching it all happen- totally out of my control , in it’s own time.


and poof it changes. just minutes after deep calm and quiet- the kids came in screaming & yelling. hungry & tired looking for dinner and mommy.

whoa- huge breakdown leading to my thoughts of … “its okay, this is how it is”

I reminded myself to not freak out. I could feel myself getting frustrated, irritated, mad, I could breathe and feel
it soften. Then Milo would scream and hit Saylor & I would be back in the fire.. and start again.

If I could boil the water, set the table, find the candles, we could start.

And just like that with some extra hugs and lots of “one minute sweeties”
dinner was served. we made it.

a long slow clean up made it
real, the mess that we created and the day to day routines that I may miss someday.

awake to it all… just noticing how this will all unfold. one week left in our home. capturing the moments of the heart in the crazy of our life!


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