Yoga for me.

What does yoga mean to me? 

Yoga is a a way to connect with myself. My Yoga practice is the integration of self, truth and renewal.

For me, it’s practical. I practice breathing, I soften my shoulders. I am kinder and more compassionate in this world to all beings. It’s quite simple. I sit still. I observe. I learn about myself. I build strength in order to serve others.

I teach my daughter and my students ” all beings everywhere shall be happy and free” and I mean it.

I dedicate my life, my work and my self to studying yoga.. the physical practice, the spiritual texts and  I tune OUT in order to tune IN to my inner teacher, my real guru.

I am not afraid to talk about life OR death. I face the truth of what is difficult in life and honor that it is. Through acknowledging my own fears, doubts, insecurities and growth. Yoga has taught me this. BE Real, be yourself.

Yoga is a way of living- an integration of the science, the energy and the essence.

It manifests differently for us all and changes throughout out journey.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo ( I bow to the teacher within. I honor you)

Right now, my yoga is practical. breath, pause, move, play, sit quietly.

Feel the intensity that arises in work, family and life.

Sat Nam ( I am)

I teach my children respect for the inner life. The integration of mind, body, spirit. How to BE in our lives , rather than DO our lives.  I model respect for the earth, cleanliness, truthfulness, discipline and devotion. Service. I spend time thinking of ways I can give to people I know, people I love, and total strangers. It’s SO MUCH BIGGER THAN A 90 minute hot sweaty POWER vinyasa Flow on your mat. Do you know what is POWERFUL? demonstrating love and kindness to human beings in this life , in Washington, DC on a daily basis.  That does create WARRIORS.

This is what Yoga is to me. just moment to moment life. They watch me cry. They watch me laugh. They watch me live.

My Yoga practice is the lifestyle choice that I make , it’s not about the mat or the pants or even the studio.

To me it’s about being real. sharing my struggles and CONNECTING to something much larger than this life.

Enlightenment? who knows.. but it’s making this world much more beautiful.

My eyes and heart OPENED when I started the practice. 


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