remind me.

and I have to step back.
lately, I have been feeling a little in over my head.

swamped, overwhelmed, anxious

I keep hearing myself say, “it is all just too much!”

and with each morning, I have the ability to “paint my picture.” If I feel this way, when I am leading my own agenda, as my own “boss”, I realize I am only doing this to myself. My habit is to keep raising the bar. like many of us, I have high expectations for what I should be able to accomplish in one hour, day, week, life.

I practice being in relationship with my internal navigation on the things I CAN do right now & how I am learning to say no. I reach out, I grab a hand, I ask for help.

“zoom out” is something I started thinking about.. when I zoom out- I don’t see to do lists or items to fill time or all the things I have not finished.

when I zoom out, I see a beautiful life filled with authentic relationships, a heart centered community business, growth & continued awakening. I forget about all I WANT to do RIGHT now. and I reflect on the bigger impact of ones WHOLE life.

and then, there is no space to fill my head with what I DONT do. its actually quite amazing what an actual week looks like, or a day, or a month! the connections, the people, the practice, the breaths, the smiles & meals and moments of surrender ARE there.

I know its simple but sometimes I have to “remind me”of what is good, what IS working, how incredibly full of abundance this life is.


taking my time.

it took a long time.
it was never as i thought it would
I am surprised daily by the beauty that surrounds me.
there were years of darkness & struggle, internal conflict & so many questions.
it all led to this moment, this knowing & trusting MYSELF as the teacher.
listening to my heart & moving with my intuition.
saying, “shhhhh” to the monkey mind.

I lay quietly. watching the snow.mind races. I place one hand on my heart & one on my belly. I can FEEL I am on the right path. i trust in what will show up.

I can do this.
Showing up with strength & softness.

its all magic.