in the light

this weekend I taught 8 classes.

I shared the yoga love with every size- shape – age – color and level.

from teachers to students, babies, mamas & children &parents.. this beautiful life with changing trees and warm snuggles and walks in the woods.

while its busy & full & never ending lists & ideas.. I cant imagine another way.

I pause and breathe into this gorgeous & delicious moment that is sometimes filled with pain or sadness for the world but my eyes seeing clearly our deep connections. and I can feel the incredible
loss that the common human experience allows us to feel.
yoga is a privilege.
being a student of yoga is a gift.

my heart continues to expand – the more I give… the more I transform.

the more I breathe the more space I have to heal & to help.

good morning fall, good morning heart.

I was thinking this weekend about my connection to yoga on and off the mat.
I am finding it more difficult to articulate this divine experience I am having. the deeper I go- the less I have to say.

my mantra this week-
“watch out world. Im coming to change you”

I am going to love up everyone I see & come in contact with. all our beautiful students & teachers& neighborhood folks& people I walk by and chat with on thr phone. Its not a month of gratitude but a lifetime. declaring your patience & acceptance of those around you feels FREE! feels expansive & amazing! look how strong YOU become when you just decide to let go of being right or in control of anything. bc we don’t.

in peace& love



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