you cant sleep when your “awake”.

there is too much beauty & love& work to do to spread our messages, to hold hands with ourselves& our loved ones.

I cant sleep when Im awake.
laying in bed hands to my heart. the creative feminine running through me.
flashbacks of women’s words.
truths & realities shared & shared& shared.

there was an opening, a shift, a gift I received. I cant touch it or hold it or put on a shelf. it lives in my heart and in each breath.

sometimes I would question- why me? all the sleeping folks look peaceful & seem to rest.

and now- I will never ask again. I know why. I see why I was born in this time, on this team, with these tasks.
its clear. connecting all the dots& the questions to lead to my truth.
to be awake- to STAY awake and to keep open to all the hearts & souls who walk down my street or into my house.


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