” As far as I can recall, none of the adults in my life ever once remembered to say, “Some people have a thick skin and you don’t. Your heart is really open and that is going to cause pain, but that is an appropriate response to this world. The cost is high, but the blessing of being compassionate is beyond your wildest dreams. However, you’re not going to feel that a lot in seventh grade. Just hang on.”  Anne Lamott


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To close this day.

Today I asked too many questions of myself. Nothing went wrong, nothing went right. Just a normal day where I spent the majority wandering around wondering who I am and what am I doing here. Like, on earth in 2013. It’s silly. I know. but I have asked myself this question for as long as I can remember. Having a hard time with chit-chat always going to the tough questions – especially in my internal monologue which tends to just ask more questions. What is the right way. How can you do more? Do less? I can confuse myself- getting into a swirly circle of thoughts not relevant to this actual moment. Breathe. Lately, I touch my heart a lot. I place one hand on my heart and place the other on top. I hold and breathe. It’s the sign for self compassion, it’s used a lot in yoga & healing to bring awareness to your body, your breathe, your heart beating. The warmth, it’s always warm. That’s what shocks me. When I come from this place.. I am always kinder and softer and able to see my truth. Like now. Slowing it down and speaking from my heart. I am able to see my own curiosity as a gift. in the stillness the questions start to melt away. Peace returns.

Tonight I read this. How beautiful.

” Increasingly dare to do that which is feeling most right to you. It is smart to do this. It’s smart to trust your deepest impulses because “you” are not just stupid-little-you. You are only who you are, you only exist, because The Totality is being Itself and it is looking like you right there where you are. You trusting yourself, therefore, is how you trust into the wisdom of the universe.

The trick involves learning to think less, as a lifestyle, as weird as that sounds. Because when you think less, and you are no longer energizing your current mindsets, your current level of ignorance, then “the download” from Universal Wisdom can register with you. Listen, listen, listen . . . instead of think. Let this be the new thing you do. Use your thinking to remind yourself to listen. New inspiration will inspire you into action and you will come alive.” Erich Schiffman

i am from

i am from big trees
blazing leaves
crisp cold mornings
warm blankets & dogs barking.

i am from old houses
dusty photos & rooms full of memories.

i am from old friends& ghosts of my grandfather.

i am from home. the place I left, the place I always return.