I have been trying to get quiet. While life speeds by at a pace I could never actually keep up with
I am just slowing it down.
Honoring the word no. Savoring the quiet.
Leaving open blocks of unplanned time.
Just really breathing. Inhale expand, exhale contract.
I have a number of huge things I am thinking through. What is to come? For now, this will do. A snuggly and sweet 5 year old who is ever changing and growing. I am amazed at how she is. I see her now as she is. Her own person. Moving into a new parenting stage, relationship with her. letting her go. Watching her soar. Trusting we did the best we could the first 5 years.. Since now her world expands. This moment is real, it’s all I’ve got.
I am slowing down so that I can be clear. it not always clear where this path will go.
Trust the process, trust the knowledge that surrounds you. Let it guide your way. Get quiet.



One comment on “Quiet

  1. Mary ann says:

    What beautiful girls you are and how wise. My baby boy is 25 today and I hope that I will be quieter and more present for his next 25 than I was for his first 25. Love you two!

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