there are times in our life when things change.

the past 4 days I have been deeply engaged in the most relevant and personal learning.

Coming out on the other side, I see myself evolved again. with a deeper understanding of who I am, what my mission in this life is, AND how I am going to do it.

It amazes me that I was chosen for this. A fully integrated life is beyond my wildest imagination of what beauty can bring. each moment, each breathe a gem- a gift- an “inspiration” ( to breathe into)


the rain

it wont stop.
like it had a secret view of the inside.
when all the guests left.
there I was again.
just me, the daily chores&the rain

washing away the insights
whispering to me, I understand.
i get you, friend.

ill give you a day off.
just be still- just be awake.

it wont stop coating the windows and surrounding me.
comforting me.
showing the world that is so beautiful that sometimes, its okay to cry.
just because its all so beautiful.
because we have so much.
because we give our all.

the thunder breaks in and reminds me of our own strength. like a deep call to surrender. give up, my friend.