today is a tough day.

I often write about all the joy&gratitude I have daily. and then I have a day like today to teach me how to use my practice. to throw me up against the wall of life and say ” now what lady! Thought you LOVED life!! hahhahaha!!”

and ya know what I do.

crying kids, long pointless car rides, nanny calls, sick baby, barking dog, canceled classes. I would not change it. my practice has given me the skills and tools to just notice, be aware- and own my feelings. at least IM IN my life! fully alive and awake to today.

I felt a lot of different emotions today& was pushed to let go of how I think anything SHOULD go and just let them be.

theres always the next moment to let go a bit more or to smile and hug someone. to find a way to serve someone else when Im feeling down bc I know that ALWAYS makes me feel better.

So, I will take it. the tough days are part of the “DARING GREATLY” , this is I know. and just like that, I feel better.


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